M.E.D – Blaxican (Official Music Video)

These days, I’ve been noticing my duality.

My Light side and my Dark side. My Jedi vs. my Sith. My yin and my yang as you will, that spins round and round like a record; that jet black vinyl with the white label center, like a magical oreo cookie that plays your favorite song everytime you dip it in a glass of milk.

The combination that reveals the magic of the mystery of the DJ’s play list. I have two good friends whom together would make a great Mash-up like rolling through the barrio at 2am after the clubs close in a ’63 Chevy, eating tacos de carne asada y buche’ and sitting on the left hand side of a serioso splif. If you could actually conjoin two people then that’s what they would be like, putting major gender issues and hair styling issues aside.

The new video by M.E.D. for “Blaxican”, directed by Eric Coleman reminds you what people are like. Real people in a real city. Not the glossed up studio version, but the gritty, polarized version that you get when you walk out your door.

Plus there’s a girl in this video that I’m definitely going to make babies with.

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