Regan, Star Wars, and the End

I’m a Regan era baby (so missed a lot of that) but from what I’m told is that everyone was in a huff about the Cold War with Russia and Nuclear Arms racing each other and whatever; and did some people think Ronald Regan created Star Wars in the 80’s?

No? no.

Oh, he was just was creating a strategic missile defense system in space of Nick Fury proportions. I mean just for the Russians? Fuck Russia. I’ve never even seen a Russian before.

If I was Regan I would’ve used all that Nick Fury shit towards meteors and asteroid and stuff, because after a weekend of binging off of Kool Aid, fish sticks, Mescaline, and disaster scenarios on the Discovery Channel I’m scared shitless. I mean we don’t see dinosaurs running around anymore (and that shit about birds being dinosaurs don’t wash with me) which is a good thing, but something the size of a Prius destroying a continent makes me want to do more Mescaline. Excuse me, something the size of a fucking AIR CRAFT CARRIER.

And yes I read the HuffingtonPost because it’s just sensationalized enough for me to understand.

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