Hair – It Makes ALL the Difference

As a kid I’ve always found James Bond to be the shiek of ultra cool. The gadgets, the cars, the love of stirring up trouble, chilled vodka and shaken women. His ability to get in and out of situations was uncanny. For a school talent show, I acted out a scenes from Live and Let Die and was asked not to return the next semester after torching the velveteen curtains in the actors workshop. How was I to know Principle McMahon would use my prop martini to douse the villainous snake that was CLEARLY supposed to be flame-throwered because it was ATTACKING me. And of course I used 100 proof Belgian Vodka because James “I Lay Everything” Bond wouldn’t drink anything less, AND I’m a method actor, I was in the moment. So technically the principal torched the curtains, and most of the scaffolding and rigging, but I guess the public intoxication and underage drinking on school property was apparently the straw that broke the camels back. Whatever. So I was a a little less Roger Moore and more George Lazenby. One and Done.

Coltrane Out.

Don 2 – Mujhko Pehchaanlo

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