The Loathing of Chillwave

I guess every hipster in town must’ve saw the Portlandia promo for the new season over the weekend, because the next person who asks me if we have a “Chillwave” section is going to get punched in the teeth (co-workers included). I’ve never seen Portlandia, but it looks like a present day hipster’s interpretation of 90’s hipsters lifestyle…I care for it not, but I can’t fault their taste in music. I actually enjoy “chillwave” a great deal, other than the fact it’s called “chillwave” or even worse “Glo-Fi”…who comes up with this shit?

Anyway, this kid’s name is Washed Out and the song is called “Feel It All Around” and it’s a good song to smoke out to and if you ever see that guy on the streets you tell him I said that!

…”Chillwave” isn’t all the bad actually, but I won’t stand for “Glo-Fi”.

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