A little Bit of Her in Me and Me in Her

Every now and again I feel like theres two of me. Or rather, there is someone else in me. Not in a weird way. Or rather, not in a “surprise sex” intrusive kind of way or a “you’re the father” Maury Povich kind of way. But the kind of way where some of my actions seem motivated by someone else. Sometimes I think I tend to take on traits of people around me. Especially the girls I’m into. My super-friend and co-worker Marina likes to point this out to me, especially when I turn her down on hanging out so I can see some new chick. She says I get all “changie” on her, like I’m trying too hard to get the fairer sex to like me by being too much like them. I say phooey to that. As long as it gets me into their underwear who cares.

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