Rome – Two Against One

Somehow this video slipped past me last year. The track is call “Two Against One” from the album called “Rome” produced by Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi. Directed by Chris Milk and Anthony Francisco Schepperd. Featuring Vocals by Jack White and Norah Jones. This is the perfect mellow, dark molasses bluesy rock that will bring you back home from a crumby night at the bar when your breath smells of cigarettes, not because you smoked one but because of the last person you kissed. And all you can think of is how fast you can get home to pour hydrogen peroxide on your dick. Did I mention Norah Jones is on this track. I would have sex through Jack White just to get to her. Thats not a sandwich I want seconds of but I’ve been drinking and have the drunk munchies. Come trip with me.

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