Sometimes I hate my reflection. When I look in the mirror its like I’m shouting at myself with no words. I just realized that I wake up in my bed hours after I fall asleep in it, like a teleportation device. I get upset on how angry I can get like my father does but then I get over it like my mother would. I was listening to my iTunes shuffle and heard “Reflections” by Diana Ross followed with “Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson and was reminded how closely MJ wanted to reflect Ms. Mahogany herself then I caught myself just before I shouted “I want my man back!”. Then my roommate Desmond chimes in with “Men CAN menstruate” and I remind him “I’m not hormonal, just stressed” and punctuate the statement with a sock to his shoulder. I ignore him the rest of the night watching Drew Barrymore flicks and eating frost burned Bon Bons.

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3 Responses to Symmetry

  1. LL says:

    You could be hormonal an stressed dudes don’t think they got that but they do. Instead of a sappy Drew movie you should have stuck with Mahoghany, there’s a lot to learn from that movie besides tenants rights and fashion. If you think you all that, people leave, then u get humble, an maybe forgiven an u can scream “I want my man (girl) back!” Egos (not eggos when u get the munchies) are as dangerous as a water moccasin in a Louisiana swamp.

    • jcoltrane says:

      Truer words where never typeded. Last time anybody wanted to get their Man-Girl back, Eddie Murphy and Hugh Grant where fighting who was going to sit in the back seat when they went cruising. You’re right about Mahoghany and I could preach from that book all day, but there was something about 50 First Dates that had my ocular water pipes working over time. But I definitely will be stocking up on eggos for the next time I start cramping.

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