The Day The Soul Train Died.

I don’t know how deep the anguish goes to drive a person to kill themselves, but Don Cornelius allegedly shot himself in the head, his body was found this morning by LAPD at 4am.

I read that the maybe he had been depressed over a divorce, a customer had told me that he had been very sick…I tend to agree with the latter.

Truth be told the Soul Train died a long time ago. Whether we count it on the day that Don Cornelius stepped down as host in 1993 and that Shamar Moore fucker took over or count it as a much slower depression as the creative know how of good music declined since the beginning of the new millennium 11 years ago.

As much as I hate to pine on about Soul Train this and Soul Train that, Don Cornelius was instrumental in exposing African American music and culture to mainstream America in much the same way that Dick Clark did with American Bandstand did for everything else.

Don Cornelius was class act plain and simple, and will always be that staple that came on after Saturday morning cartoons at 11am.


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2 Responses to The Day The Soul Train Died.

  1. hipstergomez says:

    I got to put my lighter in the air for that post J.Cole. Mr. Cornelius in next up in that Soul Train Line in the sky.

  2. LL says:

    soul train aside, off topic…Im watching Shemar right now, dont hate…and thats fkn tragic I loved soul train, glad Mr Cornelius could share his vision worldwide

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