If there was a movie on Josh Trank’s slate to direct next it would be AKIRA. Thats the excitement that I got after watching Chronicle this weekend. The premise was essentially what would happen if average teenagers were gifted/cursed with extraordinary powers. The power is telekinesis and one of the teenagers has a fucked up life and is all angsty and  angry at the world. That kid is basically our “Tetsuo” and his cousin acts like our “Canada” to try to cool his temper and keep the situation chilly chill. Things get crazy when the “Tetsuo” character decides to push back on all the bullies that have been alienating his whole life but his rage blinds him to the friends he’s created a special bond with due to their new powers. I appreciate how the movie takes the time to build its characters and watching them bond as they develop and strengthen their powers. The “found footage” handheld camera effect becomes less noticeable as you become invested in the story and witness the heightened effects of the new-found powers. I could only imagine whom I would crush with having limitless telekinesis powers at my disposal. The first person to come to mind was a customer who came into Vinyl Phish trying to unload the Vanilla Ice discography on me. I wanted to pick up “Hard to Swallow” and help him swallow it whole.
Here is the YouTube video that helped Josh Trank land his first feature directorial gig. P.S. Its got lightsabers in it.

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