Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World

I don’t normally post movie trailers about romantic longing and chasing down the girl of your dreams, mainly because I know ROMANCE IS DEAD and Love Sucks! or maybe this is just my pre-Valentines Day rant and a “bitterness” zit just grew on my nose and I’m on the counter today at Vinyl Phish. All I’m saying is that this cute chick walked in looking for old Berlin records and when I was pointing her in the direction of Over-the-Hill Rock Bands who aren’t Blondie, she couldn’t even look me in the face. And this chick had a lazy eye. Even her lazy eye couldn’t look me in the zit. And I know it wasn’t shame in her musical choices because Berlin actually had a few hits in “Sex”, “Metro” and one of the top 5 songs on my list “I can’t believe they are playing this song again on the radio, I was so over it 25 years ago”… “Take My Breath Away”. If the world really was ending then that would be the song I would go out of my way to eradicate from earths history before the aliens come down to piece back together our lost history and analyze our buried artifacts. That song will be gone like the truth about Shangri La and the Underwater City of Atlantis.
But I digress. The trailer for Seeking a Friend for the End of the World looks cute as far as Apocalyptic Romance flicks go. But I wouldn’t be chasing some girl around the continent that didn’t want me around in the first place in the last weeks of civilizations days. I’ll be hiding our pop-music mistakes from our future alien overlords.

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