It’s Nippy Outside

The other night I was in line getting something to eat, when my roommate Desmond had showed me on his phone that Whitney Houston had died, he only said three words…Poor Dead Bastard. Then literary two minutes after that, Marina (hipstergomez) sends me a text that I should blog about Whitney Houston, my response to her if hadn’t had known she died would’ve been “why the fuck would I do that?”, but anyways that doesn’t matter now.

Nippy is dead.

I was very hesitant to even blog about her death my first thought being that she died in some drug related antics she’s been known for in the last decade, but who am I to judge given that my Modus Operandi is “Drug Related Antics”. And I’ve done way more hardcore Dr. Gonzo shit than Nippy has ever done, but that recreation isn’t my lifestyle…sorta.

We actually don’t know what happened, we never really will. The dead tell no tales. And it doesn’t matter what happened because it’s none our fucking business anyway. As fans her music just enjoy her legacy.

Nippy is dead.

I chose to post her singing the national anthem not because I’m patriotic, but because  it’s the thing I most remember her doing that she totally blew out of the water and it always resonated with me.

Whitney Elizabeth Houston (August 9, 1963 — February 11, 2012)

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