Fun. – We Are Young ft. Janelle Monáe

So apparently I’m not the Hipster Queen I thought I once was. I thought I was going to introduce you to some new music from Fun. and apparently this songs has already been sung on Glee, promoted on Conan and opted for mainstream commercial useage. I have to say all of the album “Some Nights” by Fun. is good and We Are Young works as its most accessible track to turn into a lead single. I want to mostly point out its two very different music videos for the track. The first I’ve posted probably illustrated the lyrics most accurately where the second is probably the one that the Label wanted after the Glee usage rights check cleared.
The first shows a girl, whom is in bed and innocent looking, fondling an apple (the forbidden fruit) and looking at the camera like she is familiar with it but made timid by the experience. As the fruit’s skin is peeled and it tender meat exposed, the camera floats around the girl’s face and the lighting changes, showing her varied emotions as she experiences these new sensations (love making). The camera then pulls out of a close up of her face to reveal blood on her hand as if she’s cut it, but less a literal cut and more a metaphor of her confusion, then release, then exhilaration at becoming a woman. As far as the lyrics go, from the male’s point of view, young love has fueled this exuberance and he apologizes if it hurt a little that first time. Sorry Babe, Wanna do it again?!
The second video is an all out riot at 120 frames per second and youth is boiled down to the final score of a Euro Footballers game that was decided in a shoot out and your team lost/won and now this town is going to burn because I’m celebrating/crying like a bitch.


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