N***** In Poorest

I have to admit a couple of things.

I actually don’t mind the original version of this song by Jay Z and Kayne West, except for the fact that’s called “Niggas in Paris”. Calling it that seems that Jay Z and Kayne West are trying to be cute, but contributes to what mainstream Hip Hop is…that is decadent.

Mos Def changed his name to Yasin Bey (I don’t know why), but I heard that he’s making an album that covers mainstream Hip Hop songs with socially relevant lyrics.

I never liked Jay Z outside of a few songs, and I once thought that Kayne West would help steer Hip Hop in it’s rightful direction as opposed to driving back to the Jim Crow Stone Age.

Yasin Bey’s (sigh…) rendition of “Niggas in Paris” is a little too esoteric for my tastes, but its mind, soul and body couldn’t be more in the right place.

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