Davey Jones’ Casket

I’m not blogging about anyone dying anymore, so all celebrities take care of yourselves.

Most of us know The Monkees from syndicated 80’s television and only if you grew up in that era, or you’re like us super music people who actually know who The Monkees were and what they contributed during the then current Beatles era.

But, I won’t bullshit you, I know very little about The Monkees other than the fact they came on TV after Gilligan’s Island and before The Munsters, but I always remembered the ending theme song “For Pete’s Sake” that played during the ending credits.

Honestly, I thought that Mike Nesmith or that hippie Peter Tork would go first, but I digress.

RIP Davey Jones. He was the little cute britsih guy.

Also, as a side note watch the movie HEAD…it’s a total mind fuck by 1968 standards.

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