American Wedding

Finally a song that doesn’t suck.

I don’t listen to Odd Future because their name is Odd Future. I don’t care for this new age Hipster Rap (hipster hip hop?). But I gotta say that this Frank Ocean song “American Wedding”, ain’t half bad despite the fact that it uses the track of from “Hotel California” by the Eagles in every single note, chord, riff, bong smoke entirety that it can muster. And I don’t have a problem with Hotel California it’s good classic song.

However, there’s two sides to this. I give Frank Ocean props on the content and lyrics, because there’s too many artists out there who sing, but what the fuck are they singing about? Ask yourself. Take a moment.

90% of the time I have no clue what the fuck Beyonce is talking about. She can sing vocally without no question, but the writing sucks. The only thing I want from Beyonce is to shake her fine Creole, caramel complected ass and raise her standards and divorce that goddamn camel donkey (I’m referring to you Jay Z, you fucking hack!)

The other side of this issue is that he bit the ENTIRE fucking master track…according to Warner Bros and anyone else who listens to this fucking song! I don’t really don’t care that he did it, because I can tell he was inspired by the original, but take a lesson from say Biz Markie who got in trouble for uncleared samples. Or Ceelo Green who was Twitter fucked for changing the lyrics of John Lennon’s “Imagine”.

As we live in a age where music is on the decline like the mighty Neanderthal gave way to Homo Erectis, music lovers are sensitive to the classics that they have no choice to retreat to when “N***** in Paris” is played on the radio.

People are fucking outraged over this shit, its funny! But what would have been worse Frank Ocean doing a straight cover of “Hotel California” or this song?

It’s inspired!

At least somebody was fucking inspired!

Granted, it would’ve been nice for him to produce an original track for American Wedding, but that kinda takes away from the whole inspiration notion.

Also, those Odd Future kids are a bunch of cocky little fucks, so they don’t give a shit what you think anyway.

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