2012 – Year of the BadAss Chick

Digital Wizardry is at its all time sexy high as two computer animated films are looking to be released and feature Kick Ass female leads.  And two of the fairer sexes representing two of histories more oppressed ethnic backgrounds. Aaaaaaannnnd, the two ladies carry some of the most un-manageable hair in the world but flaunt it like champs. Double And, kicking ass and taking names, not only would they produce fierce crimson tides if their cycles synced, but they use their brains before their bosoms to get them out of sticky situations. And to the power of 3, one is from France and the other is from America, But the French one speaks English and the American one is set in Scotland but their brogue is replaced with a Japanese dub. And part 4, They feature the colors Purple and Green and I think those colors are finally due their moment in the celluloid sun.

Soul Man directed by Guillaume Ivernel,  is a futuristic action adventure that plays like the teenage offspring of Pam Grier and James Bond. While Brave from Pixar directed by Mark Andrews, seems to have a Studio Ghibli feel to it like a cousin to Princess Mononoke. The Japanese release of Brave has been retitled  Merida and the Frightening Forest.

I’m not sure which Coltrane will find hotter. He does have a thing for the ladies, but I will be right there to remind them that he’s thinking of spanking it to a cartoon.

Soul Man (trailer 1)

Brave –  Merida and the Frightening Forest

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2 Responses to 2012 – Year of the BadAss Chick

  1. iameno says:

    This is the first time I have seen the preview for Soul Man, but a few years back there was a movie called Undercover Brother staring Eddie Griffin. This kind of reminds me of that movie. Soul Man appears to be more bad ass thou.
    I’ve seen the preview of Brave & I can’t wait for it to come out. It looks amazing I know I will like it and so will my kids.
    Thanks for the review

  2. hipstergomez says:

    I hope Soul Man finds a wide enough release to get a big audience to see it. Brave will no doubt be a great experience because the people at Pixar know how to tell a great story. Thanks for leaving a comment on our page.

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