SXSW Homeless Hotspots at Hipster Hullabaloo

I wonder if there are roaming charges for when they decide to take a stroll. What am I talking about? SXSW and everybody and their washboard scratching momma needing to post, tweet, update, facebook, like, unlike, repost, blog, vlog, and google+ (I don’t know what Google Pluser do, maybe just chat whit their noses raised three degrees higher than the rest of us). In this internet age where everyone has access at their thumb tips, you know those little faux tree towers are working overtime, especially in Austin as everyone is trying to let you what new indie flick is worth watching or which band is worthy of your  99 cent download. A soul-less marketing company has engaged in a promotional scheme that also helps the people it degrades. So alla, Tin Man, maybe they are not without a heart. The marketing company called Bartle Bogle Hegarty and their human science experiment called “Homeless Hotspots” have enlisted homeless people, dressed them in promotional t-shirts that say, ‘I am a 4G hotspot’, as they carry around a 4G-to-Wi-Fi device passersbys can use after they pay what they wish to get online, check emails, maybe add a new friend to their google plus. On a practical level it make sense to use every piece of the carcass (of humanity), waste not want not. But it’s also a little dystopian when the digital divide reminds us that as the infrastructure fails us, can we turn human beings into infrastructure, the haves and have nots.

Check the article here.

Marina out.

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