Charli XCX – Nuclear Seasons

The Age of Aquarius is amongst us. I’m really starting to love this new wave of music coming out these days. Seems all of the old and the new have finally jelled into a wholly polished gemstone thats actually a ring pop. Music tends to find the in-between the in-betweens when one form gets old the because the old which it copied to become new just becomes old again. So it’s basically 1 cousins marrying (which sounds grandparents hooking up with grandkids) and making a unique form out of the mutated blue-blood celled heffalumps they where incestually conceived to be. So, even more basically, I’m liking the London born Charli XCX and her “goth-pop” starlet and saying this of her track Nuclear Seasons,

Nuclear seasons is about a sense of decay. Whether it be the decaying of love, the decaying of life or the decaying of a period of time. Its about being lost and frozen and surviving. Its about being on your own and feeling magic alive when you come through the other side”

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