Cocaine is a Hell of a Drug

Coltrane is on a lunch break so I get to make a post about Odd Future and not get an ear load from him but when he gets back I’m sure his rant will reek of the onions off his Philly Cheese Steak. Nothing weirder than that of my co-workers mind. I’m sure some of the synapses aren’t firing at the same rate or maybe he’s rev’ing a little hot, but I’m sure he birthed a hookah smoking 6-legged My Little Pony from his forehead like Zeus once, or so he thought. I’m not saying drugs are all bad, just know how to handle your shit and you won’t have to have your burly boyfriend rescue your ass like a reverse Donkey Kong game from your evil ex-girlfriends. As time marches on, the kids have all gone crazy. Like the forefathers of our fucked up forefathers, the new kids are hyped up on fruity pebbles and the extra fine granulated sugar. Saturday morning cartoons weren’t supposed to come to life nor are they supposed to animate my worst dreams from last night. Cocaine, Karaoke, Centaurs, Fluffies, Asian Chicks, Bitch Slaps, Hoop Earring and 1-ups play like a Scott Storch sloppy wet dream. Except tomorrow the shades won’t be hiding your darkened, recessed hung over eyes, they’ll just be there to keep us from seeing that the cartoons aren’t over, they just launched into a marathon playing in your head.

Odd Future – Hodgy, Domo Genesis And Tyler, The Creator- Rella

The Wombats – Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves)

Tyga ft. Honey Cocaine – Heisman Part 2

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