Billboard 100 Refreshes its Hotness

The internet may be the best thing ever. News has it that the Billboard Hot 100 as of this week, includes on-demand streaming music for the first time.

“Six streaming services—MOG, Muve Music, Rdio, Rhapsody, Slacker and Spotify—are now being tracked by Nielsen Soundscan and getting baked into the Hot 100 byBillboard. (The Hot 100 has already included Yahoo! Radio and AOL Music streams on a small scale for years, but they’ve had a fairly insignificant effect. The new Hot 100 formula will also include on-demand audio from MySpace and Guvera, video requests on Akoo, and non-demand radio streams from Rhapsody and Slacker. There’s no tracking of YouTube, Vevo or Pandora, likely for technical reasons, and no reports on when or if that might happen.)”

“Looking back on the half-century of Hot 100 history, this week’s infusion of streams into the chart isn’t as earth-shattering as some previous Billboard formula changes: for example, in November 1991, the switch to the more accurate Soundscan system for sales data and Broadcast Data Systems for radio counts; or, in December 1998, the addition of non-retail, airplay-only tracks; or, in February 2005, the inclusion of iTunes and other digital song sales. The charts that debuted after these Hot 100 rule changes were radically different, with records yo-yo-ing all over the place and new hits materializing out of thin air.”

So basically, They are listening to the people and the people are being heard. Albeit from a pop music stand point. But the point is that your clicks make a difference on a whole and the more you do it, the more you will reshape the mainstream, i.e. what they think you want to hear vs. what you actually listen to.
Read the whole article by Chris Molanphy at the Village Voice.

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