Good Music Make Better Babies

My co-worker and compatriot Coltrane would tell you that girlfriends are a gateway drug. I’m so glad I never dated him. But I can see that he has a point, if you can’t handle that sh*t, don’t put it to your lips. But what he does know is that music can be a great escape. Making it, listening to it, being inspired by it. Music has a way of getting us through the tough times or making sunshiny days even sunshinier.

Case in point, my sister has been procreating for a while now. Good for her, but I can see why she does it, her kids are the best thing that ever squirmed out of her. And even better than that is that I get to introduce them to so many new things, most notably JAZZ. Disney’s Fantasia had a profound influence on my life and I’m glad to see that there are other artist out there contributing to the shaping of young minds. Creator Michal Levy shows us what he can do with the music of Jason Linder and John Coltrane.


Giant Steps

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