Madonna – Girl Gone Wild – Music Video

I’m glad to see Madonna doing her thing again. I’m glad that a woman of her stature and accomplishment has been able to stay relevant and constantly feeding her creative id, wether it be directing, writing, acting, producing, shilling, or singing. But there has to be a moment in a woman’s life when she realizes she’s not the ‘girl’ anymore BUT that accomplished achiever and can use her experience and accolades to explore new territory.

Music is an every evolving gelatinous beast that once you thinks its tamed, it grows tired of you and bucks you off once a new rider pulls its reins in a different direction. The Madonna/Lady Gaga argument is old and irrelevant. New artist will always mock, copy and emulate every carbon fiber of their more talented musical forefathers/mothers until eventually one of the sheep becomes the shepherd and a unique voice squeaks out of the pack to make a sound just unique enough that it sounds original. But thats what kids do. They mime their parents till one day they become their own man/woman, and sometimes without having to get kicked out of the nest. But it is a bit sad to see your mom hanging out with your friends all the time and starting to flirt with your best friends friend who looks like a rugby player and then offers to buy all the alcohol for the kickbacks all the time and overstays her welcome and gets really tipsy waaaayyyy early and starts to pass out on the couch into the rugby players lap and you have to induce your hidden gag reflex of vomiting profusely wist under the extreme pressure of awkward situations and puke all over your date and your best friends girl just to end the party and make everyone leave so you can carry your own mother to bed and hide her awkwardly natural slut-nature under her Williams Sonoma flora bed spread and then have to Facebook everyone telling them ‘sorry for the face-geyser floor show’ as a lame mis-direct for your mothers behavior…

Madonna, your abs are amazing. But, you don’t have to follow the act of the girls who are so desperately trying to be you. But I guess you’ve reinvented yourself so many different ways maybe the last thing you can be is a clone of yourself.

Visit Vimeo for the HD version here.

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