Swedish House Mafia – Greyhound

Commercialism in the digital age. Since the days on “My Adidas” music and commercialism have grown to become quite a comfortable pair. But back in the day artists had to fight for their right to party with the big corps dolla dolla bills. Now, the moment your music gets recorded, uploaded and streamed, any hip music supervisor is going to swoop in and capitalize on the next trendy tune faster than your mouse can click the cords to “We Are Young”. And while its nice to see the underground and under appreciated dug up like some home garden beets, the flagrant product placement by certain corporations just to connect with a youthful and, in this case, thirsty? audience by integrating with electro pop phenomena like Swedish House Mafia has me wonder where their soul is. But then again, this is the digital age so it just has to look pretty and be as deep as the back pocket where their wallet goes.

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