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The Dark Knight Rises – Official Trailer #3

Avengers, Avengers, Avengers…blah blah blah. What about the goddamn Batman? Honesty, the movie looks like it’s taking itself too seriously, but I’m sure to be pleased…hopefully. Advertisements

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Mandingo Orchestra – Snake Pit

I’ve been in love with this song since posting The Avengers 78 piece last week. If I ever do anything epic in life I want this song playing in the background while I’m doing it….and by “doing it”, I mean … Continue reading

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She’s Got Hawkeyes for You

Marina is always trying to broaden her horizons but its usually involving locating a place on her body to put a new tattoo or plucking her eyebrows so thin just to have to stencil then back on because who needs … Continue reading

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Hot Problems by Double Take and 20 Things I Want to Shove in Their Mouths

The song Hot Problems by Double Take Sucks! It’s bad and I want to make it stop, but I’m mesmerized by it’s awfulness. Someone came in to Vinyl Phish toady and heard the song and told me to give the … Continue reading

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The Avengers Assemble a Boy Band

Their lyrics are bad and I’m pretty sure they’re tone def, but they damn sure will Avenge you. Ahhhhhhhhhh Yeaaaaaaaaaaa…..

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The Muppets Sing Bohemian Rhapsody and KILL IT!!!!!!

If theres one thing that you can count on it’s the Muppets to put on a good show and bring a smile to your face. I have to say Wayne and Garth really own the redux of Bohemian Rhapsody. They … Continue reading

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Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury

You can actually buy this on itunes…and I suggest you do, or subscribe to Rachel Bloom’s youtube channel. I wish I could say more, but I can’t top “Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury”. Nuff’ said. I wish I were Ray Bradbury … Continue reading

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