F*ck You Thunder!!! – TED Trailer

Bros will be Bros and ne’er a ho come between them. So when I saw this trailer for TED, I had to laugh out loud. Not just because it’s a feature directed by Family Guy creator Seth Macfarlane, but because it totally reminds me of my co-worker and cohort Coltrane and his bosom buddy Desmond. If their penises didn’t actually physically get repulsed by the others taste in women I would have sworn they inseparable toking twins. Desmond likes the Hoochie/Hoodrat/Save-a-Ho variety while Coltrane leans (or hangs?) toward the Damaged/Needy/Emotionally-draining-lets-finish-that-bottle-of-Smirnoff-while-I-drive type. And now that Desmond has started with his new chick on the reg Coltrane has gone all self-medicaty. Boys! Anywho, The TED trailer totally had me going with The Temper Trap’s Sweet Disposition till it showed its true fuzzy self.


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