Pete Best’s Son Pre-Emptively Fired

Paul McCartney’s mutant son James wants to form a new/old bad called The Beatles-The Next Generation.

The members of this “group” would be James McCartney, Sean Lennon, Dhani (George Harrison’s son) and Zak Starkey (Ringo’s kid).

Hmmmm, I don’t know what to say about this. I never been the biggest Beatles fan. I mean they’re O.K. to my ear, but it’s their cultural phenom status that allows them to get away with their status quo, but whatev I’m not knocking their talent…but their kids?

The collaboration of the children sounds like a dope idea, but it would never go past the collab stage…I mean one album at best, seriously. Also, why call yourselves The Next Generation? We lucked out when Captain Picard was badass enough for us accept that he was next generation Star Trek.

There’s simply too much to live up to by calling yourselves the next generation Beatles. Zak Starkey is reported to be the only one not into it, as I imagine neither is Julian Lennon since I haven’t heard his name mentioned. What would be dope if they formed a band just for the sake of forming band and collaborating with each others music style…kinda like a real band who wouldn’t call themselves The Beatles.

Just a thought.


The title of this blog was taken from a tweet from Oli R. @ageofbrillig…so don’t have a cow or anything.

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