Never too old to be a kid!

In-debt, Fat, Short with Bad Teeth

Note to all musicians out there:

I am not, after three days of playing,trying to play,learning, mangling chords on Vera (yes, I have already named her, and yes I realise how sad that makes me) identifying myself as one of you. Just read on for an explanation…

Now, back to the story.

So okay, yes I’ve named my guitar “Vera” and yes there is a back-story to that but it’s pretty boring so no you’ll never get to hear it.

And yes I’ve been playing, practicing, making the neighborhood dogs howl in pain, destroying my flatmates will to live, with the guitar non-stop for the past 3 days.

And yes, this is all early days and the muso’s (that’s Aussie for “musicians”) out there will be smiling condescendingly at my puppy-esque like enthusiasm.

But you know what.

I don’t care.

I’ve always had a bit of…

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