Beez in the Trap

I’m getting too old for this shit.

This track is very minimalist, very reminiscent of Easy E’s “Boyz in the Hood”, but wont ever compare (and not that it’s supposed to). Minaj has potential to be a lyrical power house…it’s true! She’s done it before on Kayne West’s Monster, even Rick Ross showed potential on that track.

Does she show it on this track? That I’ll leave up to you, but the track speaks for itself. It’ll be a club banger, a track some people will bang to ridiculous proportions in their car stereos and I wouldn’t blame them.

Although, If I hadn’t read an article on the Huffington Post about this track (yes the Huffington post had article about this) I wouldn’t have known the meaning of the slang in the title.

Read here…for I have not the energy to explain it to you.

I just feel that like all current Hip Hop artists, they have mass potential to better lyrically than what they are or maybe this is just the best they can do.


Who the fuck is 2 Chains?

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