The Last Zulu

Q-Tip has signed to Kayne West’s G.O.O.D Music label om the Def Jam imprint.

Personally, I like this move for Q-Tip, however given his post Tribe Called Quest career and musical choices mixed in with the decadence of Kayne West in general I shudder to think what monstrosity of music is to be made with this venture. On one hand you have an text book definition of what an emcee should be and aspire to which is the Abstract Poetic Q-Tip who made the song “Sucka Niggas”, vs the guy who made “Niggas in Paris”…(I have stopped using asterisks when typing the name of this song).

I love the title of this upcoming album, “The Last Zulu”, because it seems to be a title that holds a lot of weight, but I fear the album will not given Q-Tip’s past records. However, I heard that 2009’s Kamaal/The Abstract wasn’t bad, so now I’ll take a listen. All this stems from not having a new Tribe Called Quest record which unfortunately will never happen (for Hip Hop).

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