Newsies – Nick Pitera Bitch Slaps You With His Voice

“Newsies” was one of my favorite films growing up. It came out at a time when Disney stopped knowing what to do with itself and was loosing touch with it core audience, Children. Disney, along with Buena Vista and Touchtone, both under the Disney banner were some of the only places you could find all ages feature film content. Most of it was weird or overly melodramatic, and as I write this post I’m starting to draw some lines between that and how most of my friends turned out, being raised in front of a television. One of the few places you could find a musical was in a Disney film especially their animated fair. One of their more modern features was a film called Newsies, which I recall wasn’t originally conceived as a musical but ended up as one and stayed near and dear to my lil rebel heart.
Plus it had Christian Bale in it, who couldn’t really sing and is English, but he was in Empire of the Sun and American Psycho and of course… he’s Batman!

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