The Avengers Are Gonna Do It

The circle has become complete like synergy at in its most twisted form. The internet has given me access to some of my favorite distractions, Music and Porn. At a click of a button I was always discovering some new treasure or a lost gem. I’ve always been a brick and mortar guy when it comes to comic books though. Same with records, you have to dig through the long boxes and scour the crates to stumble upon something you never new existed or rediscover a group or storyline you hadn’t read in years. Porn is different cause I wouldn’t really want to discover some old gems in a box. No knowing who’s sticky fingerprints you’ll have the pleasure of fondling, and I’ve been in my uncles attic (shudder). And discovering a porn star in a box is a whole other experience I would recommend avoiding.
With Marvel blowing my comic geek mind with their movies and the Batman franchise doing so well, its only a matter of time before the illustrious porn industry put its sticky fingerprints on Spider-man (there’s a joke in there somewhere Peter Parker). Axel Braun and Vivid entertainment have actually gone and made a porn-parody version of The Avengers called The Avengers XXX. Catchy title. The difference between Mr. Braun and Vivid’s current parody films is that they actually are entertaining. The sets, characters and story-lines are authentic and you actually get to seen more of the characters than any of their mainstream counter parts because the parody-porn films don’t take themselves seriously. I’d even go so far as to say that the gratuitous sex scenes get in the way of their fun scripts, but I figure thats why people are watching in the first place. Here’s the SFW trailers for The Avengers XXX.

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One Response to The Avengers Are Gonna Do It

  1. Luckie says:

    Hello Lexington Steele…I might like this onebetta

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