Sandwiches For Esperanza

First, I’m mad at myself that I didn’t come with this website/blog first.

You should check out this digital shrine to the jazz bass goddess herself, Esperanza Spalding.

If you’ve heard of her it’s because she beat out Justin Beiber for Best New Artist at the 2011 Grammys. (FYI if you’re over the age of 11 and you’re a Justin Beiber fan, I want you to kill yourself right now).

Now, I could droll on about how much baby making I would do with Esperanza, but NO! I won’t bore you to death and instead I’ll leave you with your own repugnant, self indulgent fantasies.

But, how sexy is talent?

Sure they’re chicks out there that as a man that we just want to fuck (too vulgar?)

But there’s nothing in the world that compares to an artistic, talent, vibrant woman…who also plays the bass. One doesn’t simply have wild animal sex with someone like that (at first), you simply bask in the joy of the act of love making…then she makes you sandwich afterword.

But I would make sandwiches for Esperanza anytime.

Next time I promised to write about how awesome her music is as opposed to coitus.

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