Hot Problems by Double Take and 20 Things I Want to Shove in Their Mouths

The song Hot Problems by Double Take Sucks! It’s bad and I want to make it stop, but I’m mesmerized by it’s awfulness. Someone came in to Vinyl Phish toady and heard the song and told me to give the song a break because it was sung by a couple of teenagers. That person is now permanently banned from Vinyl Phish. Below is the video for Hot Problems and Here is a list of 20 thing I would shove down their throats to make them shut the fuck up.

  1. The unexplained leg on the shore of LOST
  2. One of Tony Soprano’s Ba Da Bing! Whores
  3. My arm up to the middle of my bicep
  4. The audition application for America’s Got Talent
  5. Cee-lo in that metallic Cylon suit
  6. Jennifer Love Hewitt’s left tit
  7. Reality
  8. The Brunette’s Daddy Issues
  9. What Kimbo Slice combs out of his beard
  10. Afterbirth right after the birth
  11. Rebecca Black’s dignity
  12. Miley Cyrus
  13. Rerun after he does his Rerun dance
  14. Bantha Poodoo
  15. Bitter Carrie Fisher
  16. Gluten
  17. A knee
  18. Ke$ha’s beer belly
  19. Tosh.O during one of his gay stunts
  20. The Like/Dislike bar on their YouTube page

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