Lion Tries to Eat a Baby

Thanks Mom. Now I know where all the problems between you and I began. Thanks Dad. Now I know where my un-waving distrust of men comes from, not a broken heart or a broken home but from infant/feline decapitation. I get it, the jokes on the LION right, cause she can’t get through the glass. Yea, not until she pulls out a .45 and a diamond tip glass cutter. Thats a City Lion! Those Sucka’s are fierce. Of course I was too young to remember the trip to the zoo when I was 9 months old and have it affect my psyche to damaging levels. Everything was fine till someone sent me the YouTube link! Then that torpedo of lost information exploded my id. You SANK MY BATTLESHIP! Geez. Thanks Mom. Thanks Dad. Put down the fucking camera and hold me once in a while…

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