The Last Avengers Post

Ok…I saw it.

I saw The Avengers on Sunday night. Don’t ask me how I saw it, for my resources are vast.

Should I tell what you happened? What did I see? Spoilers?

First, let me say that my expectation going in were only so so (because of my aversion to all things hyped), but I must say that I was astounded! Everything that you expect in a superhero movie and never got with let’s say X-Men, Wolverine, Green Lantern, Daredevil, Ghost Rider, Fantastic Four, etc. (and some of those movies weren’t bad in their own right, while others are never going to be good not matter how many time you make sequel or reboot).

The Avengers gave you pretty much everything you wanted and more! And obviously most credit goes to Josh Whedon of Firefly and Serenity fame (if you don’t know, Google that shit). Every member of The Avengers has a certain spotlight upon them so no one takes over the center stage, but I will say that if any one character does it’s The Incredible Hulk.

I was so skeptical about Mark Ruffalo playing Bruce Banner, but I think that he did better than his predecessors (and I’m huge Edward Norton fan), but Ruffalo pinched all the nervous/angry energy that you’d expect from someone who’s a goddamn ticking time bomb! And I would say that while there weren’t any plans of making a sequel to The Incredible Hulk, I think that’s going to change after this weekend.

Another person who comes to mind who shined out in this movie was Loki or rather Tom Hiddleston’s performance. I kinda didn’t “get” Loki that much in the Thor movie as a real threat, but in The Avengers he has all the big nuts of his comic book counter part (expect for that he was a women…long story).

Anyways, anybody who reads Vinyl Phish knows I loved to complain about shit, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this movie. The only people who aren’t going to enjoy this are old people, most chicks and dumb asses.

(Because the Japanese trailer looks cool, that’s why!)

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