Have You Taken Your Dead Baby Pill Today

This Is All Kinds Of Wrong of the Day: Their existence was widely reported last August, but the demand for pills made from dead human babies apparently hasn’t let up: South Korean customs officials revealed today that they have confiscated more than 17,000 of the pills from smugglers over the past nine months.

Hospitals and abortion clinics in China have continued to sell dead babies to medical companies that dry them out, grind them up, and sell them in pill form as alternative remedies to increase stamina. The dead babies are “mostly abortions or stillbirths” and are being used with the mothers’ consent.

Health authorities in Asia worry that if the powdered fetus trade continues, the capsules will find their way online, where the sick and gullible will be susceptible to super-bacteria and other harmful ingredients found in the human flesh capsules.

I also want to address the *quotation* MOSTLY abortions and stillbirths *close-quotation*. Mamas, keep your eyes open on the playground. Yeeesh.

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