I forgot what I was doing yesterday, but I found myself lost for six hours while searching for new music, when somehow I came across a youtube video that was about 10 White Girl Emcees who are doper that Kreayshawn. I’ve never heard Kreayshawn’ music before so let me step away for a moment so I can form an opinion to actually see what she’s about…

Remember the old saying that goes “Don’t cross the streams… It would be bad… Try to imagine all life as you know it stopping instantaneously and every molecule in your body exploding at the speed of light.”

That’s Kreayshawn in a nutshell, the worst part about it is that if Nicki Mangi…Maha…Minaj, yeah that’s her name came up with this shit, they’d give her the Nobel Peace Prize.

But the list of female emcees they had were interesting (some more than others), which brings me to Dessa from Doomtree.

I don’t listen to much Hip Hop because it mainly sucks and degrades women, but if more females rapped like this I’d listen, but to most it’s still an acquired taste.

Dessa hails from Minneapolis, where she cut her teeth with the local Slam Poetry team (yes, Minnesota has a Slam Poetry team) where she caught the attention of MC Yoni and was introduced to Doomtree.

The average everyday droog is going to listen to this and be whimsied by her musical stylings (Coltrane has already professed to make many children with her), she’s like a “what if” Alanis Morissettet had rap skills.

Dessa – Dutch

10 White Female Emcees Better Than Kreayshawn

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