The Roots & Jill Scott Live on MTV’s 2$ Bill

In what seems like a very, very, very, long time ago MTV played music and live performances. In an off chance to reclaim it’s relevance to its historical beginnings MTV as I recall back probably around 2005 decided to reinvent it’s “unplugged” concept with the 2$bill  concerts. It was a good idea, while it lasted. It was the last hurrah to it musical past, before the ugly multi-headed whore that became reality television laid its eggs and defecated on the once glorious MTV.

I’ve always been a fan of The Roots and back in ’05 Jill Scott was still somewhat fairly new to me (although her first album dropped at least five years prior), but I never knew the full capabilities of either talents till saw this live performance (I’d had never seen either one of them live before to this day) and I found myself fucking mesmerized by everything I saw and heard. I remember taping it on a shitty VHS tape before actually admitting to owning one didn’t make you a complete and total cunt.

I had a girlfriend at the time who didn’t understand the elements of the preformance that has it’s influence in acid jazz and scat and a bunch of other jazz shit I don’t about, but I remember being utterly disappointed in her lack of enthusiasm and this was considering she was a fan of both acts at the time.

But I digress.

I don’t know whatever happened to that shitty VHS tape, and recently I had forgotten about this particular performance, but I do remember reminiscing about it over the years and while scouring youtube it just came upon me to search for this.

Now I have it.

Enjoy and be don’t like an ex-girlfriend when I share dope shit with you.

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