Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained

I have to admit something.

When I was a small child I had no notion of what race really was.

I thought I was black till I was the age of like six or something.

Real shit.

I actually read a early script of Django Unchained, and if the movie is anything like what I read then the movie is going to be fucking fantastic, but are black people going to be pissed?


I mean it is a revenge flick. Why hasn’t anyone done this before? Who doesn’t want to see a slave epic revenge movie (except for republicans)?

The only thing going against this movie is Quentin Tarantino’s previous use of the dreaded “N-Word”, and you best believe that every black character in this movie going to be all kinds of spooks, spades, and coons.

Remember when you first saw ROOTS? I got my ass kicked every time that mini series got played on TV back in the day. I was angry watching ROOTS, although it sucked to go back school the next day. But while watching it do we all remember thinking when the flip side of this story going to be told?

Where’s the Nat Turner bio epic?

So be prepared black people!

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