Starships Is Not Hip Hop

Recently over the weekend Hot 97 DJ personality Peter Rosenburg commented on the stage at Summer Jam that headline performer Nicki Minaj had better not sing “Statships” on stage and that the song is “wack” and “corny”. Word got back to Lil’ Wayne the boss at Young Money Entertainment who told Minaj not to preform.

A couple of things.

1) If you invite Nicki Minaj or any artist to perform at Summer Jam, that artist needs to be respected regardless of how someone feels about their music. Minaj is big ticket artist (the biggest ticket!) so I don’t blame her or Lil’ Wayne for pulling her from Summer Jam.

2) Rosenburg stated that “Starships” isn’t Hip Hop and is rather Pop Music and that Hot 97 is Hip Hop and R & B music. He’s right. “Starships” in my opinion is garbage in any genre one may choose to categorize it in. I looked at the Hot 97 playlist and all music whether it be Hip Hop or R & B is hot garbage, but it passes for Hip Hop more than “Starships” does. I’d never heard the “Starships” track before till last week while I had the displeasure of being trapped in a car while it played quite loudly and make no mistake even for a pop track it is the hottest of garbage, but it doesn’t matter because people do like it and Minaj makes her money…(sigh, and nobody ever learns).

3) Funkmaster Flex is irrelevant.

I think what the problem is with Nicki Minaj is that while I’m sure that she knows who and what she is, I can’t say the same about her music. When your a music artist these days the labels and what have yoos turn you into something completely different than what you first presented yourself as and sometimes it’s for the better, but most times it’s for the worst. Minaj musically can do so much better, even for making Pop music tracks. I know she’s capable, she actually has lyrical skill, but what I don’t dig on her being is Britney Spears in blackface (harsh I know).

However, she made an excellent point to Funkmaster Flex stating she thought Rosenberg’s criticism had the effect of making fans feel “inferior for their personal tastes in music.”

As a super music person myself I fall victim to that sentiment all the time and If I ever made anyone feel inferior for their personal taste in music I apologize.

But sometimes garbage is garbage.

What I have a problem with is the artist conforming to the label and other artists who are popular. The artists themselves are the trend setters, the trend doesn’t make the artists.

That’s what a lot of musical artists are to me these days regardless of genre.

I don’t know what Nicki Minaj is, but I prefer this version.

I don’t know what “Starships” is supposed to be, other than clown shoes.

You can listen to the Hot97 interview with Flex right here.

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