Hip-Hop On Trial: Hip-Hop Doesn’t Enhance Society, It Degrades it (1st Global Debate On Hip-Hop)

The prevalence of Hip Hop has never been big as big as it is today  as far as delivering a message to an worldwide audience. That’s a status that Hip Hop wasn’t at twenty years ago.

The problem now is that there is no fucking message.

Hip Hop doesn’t necessarily have to delivery a message one hundred percent of time, however, the quality of the genre has been in a downward spiral for the last twelve years. If you improve the quality of the music the expectation of life will improve.

Hip Hop had consequences in songs, because life had consequences for actions and therefore it was an educational tool whether it was meant to be or not.

I don’t agree that Hip Hop degrades society as mush as it degrades itself. Hip Hop used to be about self reflection, knowledge of self, social indignities and interactions, and exposure of culture to others.

I think the entire forum kind of misses the point, while the Hip Hop pundits defends itself from the argument, I think that everyone needs to reflect what Hip Hop is and where it’s going and recognize both its current positive and negative connotations.

The arguments stated that Hip Hop music is degrading society has been the same argument made twenty five years ago, when Hip Hop was more visceral and unknown it still delivered a message with a consequence (depending what you got out of it).

Tupac Shakur’ message was very informative before he went crazy. As well as Christopher Wallace’ voice before he was murdered. De La Soul’ delivery was different from say Naughty By Nature, but relevant to the Hip Hop community…and anyone else outside of it, if they chose to listen.

Hip Hop has never incited a riot, although it never told its audience not to. Nobody’s ever killed anyone over a record, unless the artists were the ones getting themselves killed (a shame unto itself). And as much as the bitches and hoes argument can be made, we forget that Hip Hop reflects what going on the community, for all of its ills it’s simply stating what was already there (not that I’m saying it’s right)

If Hip Hop degrades society, then perhaps we need to reevaluate what society is, at least for the sake of the argument. Hip Hop is so expansive and generalized today you can’t blame one particular community for its ills, despite that it’s produced by that same said community…and yes I mean black people…but I kid the blacks.

As great as the fact that a forum like this exist, there’s a lot wrong about the way this panel is moderated,  but it’s not a complete clusterfuck. There’s people who on both sides of the argument who are so far removed from the sides they’re defending

Also, Micheal Eric Dyson needs to stop talk rhyming or whatever that shit he does.


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