3 Kings: Rick Ross, Jay-Z & Dr. Dre

First off this is a dope track.

Secondly, Mediatakeout doesn’t shit about music or lyrics (just keep to taking pictures of Rihanna’s fine ass and calling suspect females “trannies”)

Third, Huffington Post got their assessment of this track correct.

This is a new track off of Rick Ross’ God Forgives I Don’t. The track itself is being called a throwback because it hearkens to the last days of Golden Age of Hip Hop which closed it doors to us in 1999. Sadly, good music is referred to as throwbacks because everyone in the music industry is fucking retarded and incapable of making non shitty music…the exception to this rant would be Jake One who produced this track.

Mediatakeout claims that Rick Ross was better than both Dr. Dre and Jay Z on this track which is the second time I’ll refer to someone being fucking retarded in this article. If you’ve read some of my past blogs on Vinyl Phish you’ll take notice that I’m not the biggest fan of Jay Z, but GODDAMN you still have recognize game on lyrics! Dr. Dre was never the best lyricist, but he’s passable for body of work, however this isn’t one of his better 12 bar verses. Rick Ross does have ability to for lyrical skill when called for, albeit for less than 12 bars as heard on Kayne West’ Monster. Jay Z who I can’t say I painfully admit to being dope on this track definitely IS.

Mathematically, Rick Ross will never be doper than Jay Z, that shit there my friends is called SCIENCE.

Props to Kia Makarechi who wrote that brief article, she knows her Hip Hop…unlike some other urban tabloid website in which I frequent to look at Rihanna’ ass cheeks.

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