Two of My Favorite Things

And I don’t mean fear and loathing.

I haven’t been inspired to blog about much lately (especially music), because it’s all been rather droll the last few months, BUT…I found something, a couple of things actually….

That’s right bitch! It’s called Fela Soul! Some mastermind of mixing actually managed to put peanut butter and chocolate together on wax and produced De La Soul vocals over Fela Kuti rhythmic beats and I swear this entire album could be the soundtrack of my fucking life.

You poor soulless sons of bitches can thank Amerigo Gazaway of Gummi Soul at and download this nine track life saver ( I swear I was moments away from killing myself before I discovered this gem), this shit here right is true eargasms.

Wait minute it’s not free, but somehow I downloaded for free from the site, but if had any money I’d pay for it and it would be well worth the seven bucks…well worth it.

Here take a hit!

And another!

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