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Ο Άιχμαν στον σταθμό Λαρίσης

Originally posted on ΣΕΙΣΑΧΘΕΙΑ:
Πίνακας του Ivan Solyaev   Γράφει ο Αποστόλης Φωτιάδης  Νύχτα 21ης Ιουνίου, τα χιλιάδες ψηφοδέλτια που έχουν ρίξει από τα γραφεία της Χρυσής Αυγής στην Δηλιγιάννη παρασύρονται προς τον σταθμό Λαρίσης. Λευκό φόντο στο οποίο αντιστέκεται ένας…

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George Lucas Sodomizes Childhood Memories While Disney Dances on Their Grave

And in the inevitable celebration that the executives are having roasting fresh Ewok meat like they just saved Endor, here is a sanctioned Disney/Lucasfilm affair: The Star Wars Dance Off. Chewie pumps his Wookie, Emperor Palpatine dances with an LL … Continue reading

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Disney Buys Lucasfilm For $4 Billion! STAR WARS EPISODE VII Scheduled For 2015 Release!

this is a repost from AintItCoolNews. In a move that’s sure to spawn a good deal of polite and substantial discourse on these here internets, Disney has announced that it has purchased Lucasfilm for $4.05 billion and stock. Kathleen Kennedy … Continue reading

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Karmin vs. Carly Rose

A good ole fashioned face off isn’t a bad thing and truly this isn’t a competition. Karmin is a girl in a group of two consisting of herself (Amy) and her fiance producer (Nick). They gained popularity by covering other … Continue reading

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Hotline Miami’s Official Soundtrack

Dennaton Games put the entire soundtrack for their high octane, super violent game Hotline Miami on online today. The full soundtrack is now available to listen to on Soundcloud. The official soundtrack contains 20 tracks from the studio’s 2D top-down action … Continue reading

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Emotistyle – Cover your Tits

Halloween can be a daunting time of year for many. Coltrane isn’t much of a dresser-upper, but its one of my favorite times of year. I get to be anything I want to be for one special night or all … Continue reading

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Clique by Kanye West, Jay Z, Big Sean – Official Dance Video

I just wanted to post this cause I felt like a little group dancing would cheer me up. I hope those guys in the video don’t lose that remote though. I did that once and my TV became useless. Dang … Continue reading

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