Breakbot – Fantasy feat. Ruckazoid (Official Video)

Going to art school was one of the best experiences to me. I go to do the things that I really liked to do on a daily basis (be artistic). I was surrounded by open-minded creative individuals (heady discussions fueled by wine). And there was always for great tunes being played in the halls and at the local parties (drug induced pajama jammy jams DJ’ed by our local cynic Coltrane). I tend to throw up pieces when I get the chance skating home from work but I haven’t been in a figure drawing class in a while. I don’t remember any of the figure models looking as cute as the girl in the Breakbot video, but I am permanently scared from seeing old man balls swaying like a horrible hypnotic pendulum before my burgeoning eyes. No one ever warns you. They unrobe, drop, sway, and then sit there for a half hour as you try to model them in the right light with a hunk of black charcoal. Let me just tell you, I could never look at another Santa the same way again ever and now when I see one in the mall at Christmas time, my eyes let his eyes know that I know that the sugar plums he’s hiding aren’t so ripe these days.

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