Karmin vs. Carly Rose

A good ole fashioned face off isn’t a bad thing and truly this isn’t a competition. Karmin is a girl in a group of two consisting of herself (Amy) and her fiance producer (Nick). They gained popularity by covering other peoples songs, recording themselves on video and posting them online. I have to agree that they are talented and I could very well see them doing covers sets of songs in three times a day in Las Vegas or being featured characters at a Disney theme park. All the buzz about them making successful covers and completing an EP with a breakout single called “BrokenHearted” garnered them an opportunity to get signed to Epic records.
“BrokenHearted” was the song a young performer by the name Carly Rose Sonenclar sang on a recent episode of X-Factor in front of Britney Spears and Wil i Am of the Black Eyed Peas. Carly’s cover of the song was decidedly different due to her changing the tempo of the song and by leaving out Karmin’s original rap verses. But I find it most interesting that her cover of the song brought so many new listeners to Karmin’s version. I find it ironic and fitting that the cycle continues as the music industry snake-beast once again starts snacking on its own tail. But best of luck to both of these artists.

Potato, Potata. You decide which you like better in the comments below.

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