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Gwyneth Paltrow Stops the Show

Infamous is one of the two Truman Capote biopics released in 2006 and happens to be the less notable and the less impressive—with one crucial exception. It’s opening credits appear over a live performance of “What Is This Thing Called Love?” by Gwyneth … Continue reading

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Dragon Baby – The Return of Iron Baby

Some people have so much time on their hands that they get to make art that the rest of us can enjoy and we can see their joy in making something they truly felt compelled to make. Patrick Boivin does … Continue reading

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I Cry – The Evolution of a Song

In this day and age a good old song can be ripped apart and reassembled in 1 a hundred and one different ways. Just for the sake of example I’ve posted the video for the song I Cry by Flo … Continue reading

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Kid CuDi – Just What I Am

Kid Cudi reappeared on hip-hop’s radar recently as he rode around with Hit-Boy in his Old School Caddy and now the G.O.O.D. Music emcee is finally releasing a brand new song of his own. With his versatile and varying musical styles you really never know what to … Continue reading

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Dumb Ways to Die

Some of life’s best lessons can only be retained through joyous song. It’s worked for Sesame Street and Dave Chapelle. Chappelle Show- Kneehigh Park – watch more funny videos

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Disney and The Story Of Menstruation

Thank goodness I’m not a girl. Having the fear of catching kooties from them as a child was one of my first developmental moments. The “touch-touch no trade-backs” rule near broke me on the recess field. Just like AIDS, there … Continue reading

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Die Antwoord Gives You Shock Therapy

Far from your garden variety lame pop music stars, Die Antwoord uses their evil powers for good and blow your minds as well as your ear drums. Never afraid to push a boundary to wake you up to your surroundings, … Continue reading

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