Limahl – Never Ending Story and a One Hit Wonder

Remember your youth. Remember the cartoons, the movies, the cereal. Now, remember looking back on it 30 years later and wondering WTF drugs where everybody on to come up with those ideas. Nothing like the 80’s. One film I held particularly close to heart was The Never Ending Story and the adventure of Atreyu. Morla the Aged One freaked me out. Uyulala was my first experience with Tig Ol’ Bitties next to National Geographic. I wanted my own Falkor to scare the shit out of people with and I couldn’t more jealous of Bastian Balthazar Bux getting all BFF with the super cute Childlike Empress “Moonchild”.
Anywho. I totally had the 80’s mixtape of Childhood Theme Songs playing in the shop the other day and the Never Ending Story song came on by Limahl. So then I thought whats up with that guy, so I researched and I found out, not much. But below are videos of him singing his big hit in 1984 and 2011.
Then I found a video of Falkor using his fluffy hide and puppy dog eyes for unsavory pastimes and then I got all curious about my Childlike Empress crush and looked up what the actor Tami Stronach was up to and it seems like a whole lot of dancing. But there was a moment in 2009 where she thought would see if she could capitalize on a singing career from her fame of 25 years past with a song that seemed to fall off the 1984 shelf and use all the standard presets on her Casio synthesizer.

Keep Hope alive kids. This story’s not over…

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