Ray Manzarek…Poor Dead Bastard

He broke on through.

One the last pillars of the Elven days of music has crossed the over the seas and will finally will get an answer to how Jim Morrison died.

Ray was awesome. I can only speak as a fan and spectator, since none of us knew the man, and that did claim to him I doubt ever really did.

I imagine a conversation between him Jim Morrison would go something like this…


Jim Morrison: Ray! Hey, man…Ray over here!

Ray Manzarek: Jim? My God is that really you? You haven’t aged a day.

Jim Morrison: That’s because I’m dead man, but look at you. You got all old.

Ray Manzarek: What happened to you in Paris, Jim?

Jim Morrison: Well, to be honest Ray, it wasn’t till I got here shortly after that I started figuring out that I don’t do so go by myself. And besides some bad chocolate I found in the trash, some Absinthe and few painted ladies…well, anyway have you met Ol’ Dirty Bastard?

Ray Manzarek: No Jim, I haven’t.

Jim Morrison: No worries, I’ll show you around. Did they really make a movie about us?

Here’s a video that’s sets up my little monologue.

And a music lesson!

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