Links to Sites that Aren’t This One

Here are 13 links to and some insightfully hilarious and historically bizarre facts. You go for the knowledge but you stay for the funny.

Learn how some ladies got ahead by giving some head in:
5 Whores Who Changed The Course of History

Whip out your conspiracy theory cheat sheets for:
5 Lost Photos That Could Have Changed History

Because “Everybody Poops” should be a ‘must read’ for the young and old:
7 Books We Lost to History That Would Have Changed the World

It’s amazing that one singular vote/voice can decide what the finger hovering over the shiny, blinking, cherry red nuke launching button does:
5 Backup Plans That Would Have Changed Modern History

I’d like to think the clitoris is not a baby-sized penis but I’m not a scientist:
The 5 Weirdest Reasons We Have Sex (According to Science)

Someone should develop a translator app for rich-speak:
6 Things Rich People Need to Stop Saying

Ever seen a guitar the size of a blood cell or an instrument made of pure unfiltered LIGHTNING, play Mario Bros?:
The 5 Most Badass Musical Instruments Ever Built

Info that won’t get you out of a fight because of your dorkdom and learn that Math is helpful and not just the thing you stopped caring about in the 11th grade:
6 Pop Culture Mysteries That Were Solved by Fans

We were weirder back in the day long before Snooki and the Snuggie:
18 Old-Timey Photos You Won’t Believe Aren’t Photoshopped
15 Images You Won’t Believe Aren’t Photoshopped

They couldn’t write better stuff in the movies:
The 9 Most Badass Last Words Ever Uttered: Part 2

Thank goodness for crazy russians realizing there are even Crazier Russians:
5 Turncoats Who Changed the Tide of History

This is not the Happily Ever After I Expected:
6 Horrible Aftermaths Implied By Movies With Happy Endings

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